Situational Awareness 

   Through Computational-Pixel Sensing

Counter Drone

Critical Asset Protection

Maritime Situational Awareness

Wide-Area Infrared Sensing with Persistence

  • 360-deg hyper-hemispherical field-of-view
  • Long-range passive threat detection & tracking
  • Day & night operation with longwave infrared
  • Covers the complete surroundings every 2 seconds
  • Advanced processing and machine learning algorithms
  • Automatically cue attention to user-defined events
  • Rugged construction to operate in harsh environments 


Computational-Pixel Imagers

  • Digitization and computation in every pixel
  • High intra-scene dynamic range
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Ultra-fast image readout rate
  • Staring and continuous scanning modes
  • Advanced data collection modes




Sensor Systems

Tower Systems

Mobile Systems




Copious Imaging LLC

Transforming situational awareness across domains using Computational-Pixel Imager (CPI) technology.

Technical expertise in Readout Integrated Circuits (ROIC), Focal Plane Arrays (FPA), cameras, sensors, real-time Wide-Area Motion Imaging (WAMI) algorithms, software, and systems.

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