About Us

Copious Imaging LLC

Copious Imaging was formed in December of 2017 as a spin-off of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory. The company was initiated to rapidly commercialize a disruptive new infrared imaging technology that was developed over the last 10 years at MIT-LL, to meet urgent needs of the United States Department of Defense. The inventors and engineering team was led the development of Digital-Pixel Focal Plane Array (DFPA) and Wide-area Motion Imaging (WAMI) technology including the Wide-area Infrared Surveillance with Persistence (WISP) sensor for base protection and C-sUAS prototyping at MIT-LL.  They now form the core team at Copious.  

Our Team
Bill Ross, CEO

Has 20 years of technology development, program and group leadership at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Led wide-area motion imaging sensor and processing development for 10 years. Holds a BSEE and a PhD focused on image processing and artificial intelligence.

Mike Kelly, CTO

​Has 20 years at MIT Lincoln Laboratory as a technical staff and group leader developing advanced infrared imaging, electro-optical systems, and device technologies. Co-inventor of several patents related to Copious technologies. Holds a PhD degree in EE from Tufts focused on electro-optics and medical imaging. 

Tom Klein, COO/CFO

Co-founded Equity Management Partners in 2010 following 28 years of experience as a senior business executive. Founded and/or led five technology companies in infrared optics, optoelectronics, biotechnology, fiber optics, and mobile applications software. 

Curtis Colonero, CE

Chief engineer leading the development of computational-pixel technology at Copious. Has over 15 years at MIT Lincoln Laboratory on the technical staff where he was co-inventor of several patents related to Copious technologies. Holds a BS degree in CE from Penn State and an MS degree in EE from WPI. 

Justin Baker,
Systems Engineer

Has over 10 years at MIT Lincoln Laboratory where he worked on the technical staff developing and characterizing infrared digital-pixel devices and imaging systems. The technology product lead at Copious. Holds a MS degree in Applied Physics from UMASS. 

Joe Bari,
Mechanical Engineer

Has over 8 years of experience at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and Ball Aerospace developing electro-optical systems for both active and passive applications ranging from UV to LWIR. Key contributor and has led the mechanical design of many digital-pixel systems since 2010. Holds a MS in ME from University of Florida.

Chris Bowen,
Software Engineer

C++ and CUDA programmer specializing in real-time image processing with wide-area motion imaging sensors.

Chris David,
Electrical Engineer

Has 12 years of experience developing mixed-signal integrated circuits and imaging sensor readout integrated circuits with in-pixel A/D and compute.  Has been a key contributor to the development of digital-pixel systems and is the lead Electrical Engineer at Copious. Holds a PhD in EE from WPI. 

Matt Karas,

Has 9 years of experience developing data exploitation systems at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Key contributor to the development and deployment of digital-pixel systems. 

Lauren White,
Software Engineer

C++ programmer with over 7 years of experience developing algorithms for wide-area motion imaging. 

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