Our Story

Copious Imaging LLC was formed in December of 2017 as a spin-off of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory. Ten individuals, all with ties to MIT, initiated the company to rapidly commercialize a disruptive new infrared imaging technology that was developed over the previous 10+ years.  Copious was initially focused on developing, producing, and deploying the transformative new imaging technology.  Our patented Computational-Pixel Imager (CPI) technology enables an order-of-magnitude better dynamic range, field-of-view, and data rate.  The company was chartered to meet urgent needs of the United States Department of Defense. The inventors and engineering team which led the development of Digital-Pixel Focal Plane Array (DFPA) and Wide-area Motion Imaging (WAMI) technology, including the Wide-area Infrared Sensing with Persistence (WISP) sensor prototype at MIT-LL, formed that spinoff team.  The WISP products at Copious have unique features which enable a leap-ahead in base, critical asset, and force protection capability for fixed and mobile applications and against both ground and air threats.  Initial deployments of WISP focused on base protection and C-UAS.  The core technology is now also under development for autonomous systems and other critical national security applications.

Copious Team

Copious Imaging was initiated in 2017 when the founders left MIT Lincoln Lab and formed a start-up.  The company now employs nearly 50 people, all focused on growing WISP and CPI tech for a wide variety of application areas.  The picture below presents some of our great team!

Copious Imaging Team December 2019

Top: Bill Williams, Tom Klein, Scot Aurenz, Diego Henao, Bridget Kamas, Alison Orr, Andres Chamorro, Fred DiGregorio, Bill Ross, Matt Brown, Mark Karas, Mike Kelly.

Middle: Allison Guo, Mike Iraci, Chris David, Bill Brown, Hannah Thompson, Lauren White, Chris Bowen, Nancy Brosnan.

Bottom: Justin Baker, Scott Payette, Alex Robinson, Tucker Barrett, Curtis Colonero, Joe Bari, Jeremy Ridore, Mike DeFranco, Matt Karas.

Missing: Brian Lieb, Rebecca Prendergast, Vinnie Cerrati, Bill Kelly, William Brown, Lucy DeRoeck, Joe Traniello, William Keller, Sandeep Chojar, Christopher Perron, Jim Sopchak, Clint Tuttle, Christine Russ, Glauco Fiorante, Jeff Xiao, Mike Bisceglia, Dan Weise

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