Computational-Pixel Imagers

CPI technology, with in-pixel digitization and computation, removes many of the constraints currently imposed on sensor developers by the limitations of the imager.  It enables:


    • Large well capacity, high dynamic range
    • Fast global shuttering
    • High frame rate and low read noise
    • On-chip image processing:
        1. Temporal signal processing
        2. Event driven vision
        3. Per-pixel I&Q demodulation
        4. Fast panoramic scanning
        5. Electronic image stabilization
        6. Spatial convolution filtering
    • On-chip data compression
    • Programmable multi-mode operation

Typical analog-pixel readout ICs contain a large capacitor in every pixel and a multiplexer to sample the voltage on each following an exposure.


The CPI readout IC architecture places a small capacitor, a digital counter, and the ability to compute in every pixel.  Digital shift registers read data from the device, much like a CCD, except completely in the digital domain.  In some devices , data can be transferred to the north, south, east, or west.

Video Demonstrations

This video is  a split view of 2 different videos that were collected simultaneously with a single camera working at 165-FPS.  The top video shows normal thermal imaging.  The bottom video shows delta-event imagery at 500-Hz bandwidth.  The delta-event video frame collection was interleaved with the normal video collection.  Both are displayed at 60-FPS.

This video demonstrates high-frame-rate delta-event data overlaid on low-frame-rate video.  Delta-events are color coded green for positive and red for negative signal events.

This video presents a technique using high-frame-rate (500-FPS) delta-event data and low-frame-rate (16-FPS) key frames to compress video.  A full 500-FPS video is reconstructed from the two inputs.  Devices in development will use this technique to accomplish data compression on-chip.

CPI technology has been implemented using a number of detector materials in the infrared band from the shortwave to longwave.  The architecture could also be extended to the visible band in the future with silicon detectors.



Integrate CPI Technology Into Your System 

We offer several test and development options as well as custom design services for others to learn, experiment, prototype, and implement CPI technology.  Contact us for more information.