WISP Tower Systems

A WISP sensor is mounted to a mobile trailer tower for emplacement.  The tower extends to a maximum of 60-feet.  The Processing Server can be located on the trailer or remotely (in a building) with an installed fiber line.  Wireless communications can be installed on the tower for completely remote operations in almost any location with minimal infrastructure requirements.

Advantages of WISP Compared to Others:

  • Largest image coverage area (Hyper-hemispherical)
  • Highest image resolution
  • Longest detection range
  • Lowest noise equivalent temperature
  • Built-in artificial intelligence to detect threats and ignore non-threats
  • The most rugged and robust packaging to operate 24/7 in the harshest environments on earth


  • Base Protection
  • 24/7 Perimeter Security
  • Counter Drone
  • Critical Asset Protection
  • Passive Air Defense
  • Border Protection
  • Passive 3-D Radar (SkyFence)

WISP Tower System Details

The WISP Tower System is a sophisticated, complete end-to-end system consisting of several components.  The Rotating Sensor collects data from a telescoping tower.  Data is recieved by the Processing Server containing graphic processing units (GPUs) running real time algorithms with built-in artificial intelligence.  The data is processed to detect and track threats and alert operators.  Several Operator Workstation clients can support operations locally or from a remote location.  The WispView Scene Viewer and Brower Software is the command control and display environment (CCDE) for operations support.  All components are rated for a temperature range between at least  -40C to +50C. 

System Components:

  • Floatograph Mobile Trailer Tower
    • 6-ft x 16-ft
    • 110/220V AC
    • 5,000-lbs (fully loaded)
    • Max Telescoping Height – 60-ft
    • On-board Generator (optional)
    • Ruggedized Climate Controlled Server Box
      • Industrial UPS
      • 4 hour Battery Backup

    • Rotating Sensor
    • 2U Processing Server
    • Operator Workstation
    • WispView Scene Viewer and Browser Software
    • 27″ Twin Displays (optional)
    • ADS-B Receiver (optional)
    • Wireless Communication Link (optional)
    • External Diesel Generator (optional)

WispView Scene Viewer and Browser is a command control and display environment.  Analysts can visually browse the hyper-hemispherical infrared scene and zoom into areas of interest.  Live or recorded imagery (typically 15-days back) are instantaneously accessible.  Tracked threats are displayed and alerted when entering keepout zones.  Alerts are stored and managed in WispView.