Wide-Area Infrared Sensing with Persistence (WISP)

Advantages of WISP Compared to Others:

  • Largest image coverage area (Hyper-hemispherical)
  • Highest image resolution
  • Longest detection range
  • Lowest noise equivalent delta temperature
  • Built-in artificial intelligence to detect threats and ignore non-threats
  • The most rugged and robust packaging to operate 24/7 in the harshest environments on earth


  • Base Protection
  • 24/7 Area & Perimeter Security
  • Counter Drone
  • Critical Asset Protection
  • Passive Air Defense
  • Maritime Situational Awareness and Security
  • Border Protection
  • Mobile Force Protection

WISP is a dual-use motion imaging and infrared search and track sensor system with built-in artificial intelligence.  It covers more of the surrounding area than any other sensor on the market.  WISP also has higher resolution (well over 120 Mpix) than any other wide-area infrared sensor available on the market.  It senses in the long-wave infrared band which is superior to the mid-wave infrared band for detecting objects in most scenarios.  This is especially true for detecting and tracking airborne objects.  Unlike other 360-degrees panoramic infrared sensors which only cover a narrow band in elevation, WISP has hyper-hemispherical coverage – 360-degrees in azimuth and 125-degrees in elevation.  Unlike other sensors, WISP does not need to tradeoff image resolution for coverage area.  Finally, WISP uses state-of-the-art Computational Pixel Imagers that will never saturate when viewing hot scenes.  In head-to-head testing, WISP consistently out-performs competing sensors for detecting and tracking threats at short, medium, and long range.

Included with a WISP System

WISP is a sophisticated system consisting of several components:

    • Rotating Sensor
    • 2U Processing Server
    • Operator Workstation
    • WispView Scene Viewer and Browser Software
    • 27″ Twin Displays (optional)
    • Tripod Mount (optional)
    • ADS-B Receiver (optional)

The 2U server is compact and contains two powerful graphic processing units (GPUs).  When connected to a network, the processing server can support many analyst workstation clients all running the WispView Scene Viewer and Brower Software.  A screenshot of WispView is below.

WispView Scene Viewer and Browser is a command control and display environment.  Analysts can visually browse the hyper-hemispherical infrared scene and zoom into areas of interest.  Live or recorded imagery (typically 15-days back) are instantaneously accessible.  Tracked threats are displayed and alerted when entering keepout zones.  Alerts are stored and managed in WispView.